As a versatile and dynamic business enterprise, Indian Phosphate Ltd. is committed to providing a wide spectrum of services to meet diverse needs.

1. Fertilizer

  • IPL is a leading manufacturer of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) in Rajasthan with current capacity of 260000 mts per annum.
  • IPL was incorporated in 1998 and since then, the quality and capacity has been enhanced to more than double.
  • IPL SSP ANKUR brand is well established in North & West India. Boronated and Zincated SSP is another feather in its cap.
  • IPL is further expanding its horizon by adding another 200000 mts per annum production through its organic growth and upcoming project at Dhulia(Maharashtra), which will come into commercial production in 2024.
  • IPL has also made foray into Solar Power production in Jodhpur (Raj) with 13 lakhs units generation for 750 KWp.
  • To support its value chain, IPL is also having its own manufacturing facility for HDPE bags with 10 million bags per annum.
  • IPL units are having a distinction of zero discharge and largely, automated.
  • Green SSP production is envisaged shortly and could be the first such manufacturing facility in India.

2. Chemicals

  • IPL group is a major player in Chemical segment and having its two production facilities in Rajasthan for LABSA(Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid).
  • LABSA facility was put up in year and through a series of bottlenecking and expansion, has reached capacity of 250000 mts per annum as of now.
  • LABSA(grade 90%) is a widely accepted chemical on PAN India basis.
  • IPL group is also putting up a Chemical plant in South India and production is likely to commence in 2024.

3. Logistics

  • Logistics Services was the first business activity, started by group way back in ‘70s and since then, the current owned fleet is having + 300 vehicles (directly and attached), which includes MS Tankers, Trailers, Dumpers and JCBs.
  • IPL logistics handle close to 3 million tonnes per annum tonnages of various Solid & Liquid cargos on PAN India basis.
  • IPL logistics operations are safe and follow all safety standards/norms with monitoring of movement throughout.

4. Mining & Beneficiation

  • In its upcoming expansion phase, the IPL Group is establishing a foothold in mining and beneficiation.
  • IPL group has been allocated Rock Phosphate Mines in MP, which marked the remarkable milestone as it became the nation's inaugural privately-operated Rock Phosphate mine.
  • The company is developing the allocated mine to support its own operations and bring self-sufficiency in its existing operations. Yet another stone’ mines has been acquired in Jodhpur.
  • A well experienced team of mining personnel is spearheading this division.
  • IPL group also investing in Mines in a big way and enlarging Mineral mining base further.

5. Hospitality

  • IPL group has made foray into hospitality sector and constructing two five star projects in Rajasthan with + 200 keys in first phase to tap tourism potential.
  • These properties are already tied up with leading international hospitality chain.
  • Regal experience and Exclusivity, is the theme for hotel projects.
  • IPL group also plans to build a credible hotel chain going forward and aiming to add another 500 keys in a span of 5 years from now.

6. Education

  • IPL group is running chain of schools, from nursery to XII Board and proudly affiliated with CBSE Board.
  • Its own brand of school “Step by Step” has earned accolades from society for its academic excellence and impressive infrastructure.
  • Schools are studded with veteran academicians.

7. Trading

  • IPL group trading arm started in late ‘90s and since then, it is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • IPL virtually deals in every product, including import & export besides PAN India operations.
  • IPL is having its branches in all states with strong team of sales executives.

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